Kalystato Sir Kes the Flashing Blade

The only way you can kill anyone from the pool, kes, is to have your little sheep do it for you.

Like I said before, If you have a problem with me or the way I fight, challenge me. Anyone that jumps another person has a distinct advantage. We both know this. Most of the time a person is dead before they realize who is jumping them. Fight like

a man, with the honor you and your followers claim to have.

Someone posted before, that if anyone had any \"nice\" things to say about you, that he would pay them. I am definitely not that person. You only come out of the pool long enough to jump people, and then you run back. Where is the honor in that \"Sir\"


Personally, I think you are in the wrong profession. The Knights, Cavaliers, and Warriors, (etc) all believe in \"honor\". This concept, it seems, is beyond your intelligence.

Stay in your pool, Kes, and maybe you'll get smart enough to come out and fight like a man, instead of jumping people that are half your size.

You disgust me, \"Sir\" Kes. Come out and challenge me... and die by my blades.

Signed Kaly, the Gonna-Kick-Your-Ass Bitch

Written by my hand on the 11th of Ilmarael, in the year 1025.