You stole Knightswood from us under major aggression, you show from yoru actions that you are part of this

evil which swarms this land, Knightswood has never in history been Parrius SOI until now.

We gave you coriona with belief that you would not attack, but you lied to us all and stabbed us in the back.

With your promises that you would not attack once coriona was given to yet you did this.

You are a pathectic liar as well as Zenichiro, you make me sick that you are part of Apollo's order.

Understand this Krill, you from your posts have brought total disgrace on your guild and you yourself.

Everyone here knows what Parrius did and you back it up. Eeveryone here knows what Zenichiro is and did and

you back him up, everyone here knows Krill, I hope you can live with yourself, since many can't now.


Written by my hand on the 13th of Midsummer, in the year 1025.