you were right!?.


I am astonished if you think my post in any way justifies you. Any sane individual would see the tone is mocking, and any of the many many people who know me well will know I am and always have been my own man.

The brief war between my city and Mercinae was about earning Parrius her due SOI and respect.

We had put up with Mercinaen flags in knightswood and coriona and retained no village holdings west of our city gate.

Our troops had marched to and from our city to defend yours with no recompense and barely a word of thanks.

And when we discussed the matter, we found the Mercinaen leadership intransigent and arrogant.

So we took what we demanded. That is the story of the war, I was there and helped make the decisions we took.

Reading the terms of the treaty you cannot but agree that Mercinae has gotten off very lightly, for Parrius could have taken everything and razed the city had we wanted.

As for the Springdale/Mercinae alliance, at the time I first became involved in Parrian politics, we were part of it!

We were told weekly that our troops would form a backguard to protect the allied cities when Mercinae and Springdale attacked Thakria.

Mercinae never moved anywhere except backwards, and Springdale's contribution was to support with words but never agree to action.

So, Thakrian armies grew and the city prospered, Parrians made do without an army protecting their walls, and Springdale sat and got fat on short-sighted inaction.

My point is that the alliance existed. There were even battle plans drawn up.

Parrius got fed up and left the alliance after one too many years of being Mercinae's main defence.

As for your reference to my personal position with my patron, I have no idea what makes you think you can comment.

But on that matter I will listen to my patron, and not to someone who was kicked out of that order for being what you are: unstable unreliable and frequently offensive.


Written by my hand on the 8th of Midsummer, in the year 1025.