I was right.

See everyone what Krill is like, go through all the murdering citizens of Parrius and see which ones

were actually born in parrius.

To krill don't be such an idiot, the reason why parrius enemied Mercinae (and lets get down to the real reason) is

because Mercinae destroyed thakria, zenichiro knowing that thakria could never take mercinae on had

to use your city for this.

It had nothing to do with the so called springdale mercinae aliance, there was none, we were just friendly

cities to each other.

Krill if you continue to believe the shit which zenichir gives you, then I suggest that you look into his

actions, if he hasn't been enlisting merc men in your army (as you say) then they were going to thakria.

Also Krill thinks next time on what you say, you have shown total disregard for friendship by siding with someon

who brought the longnight down on you, who kills orestes and who is totally against your order.

Now what side are you on, this aint about parrius, this is about total evil which you seem to be siding with.

I hope your patron will be able to forgive you for what you have done, I shall never forgive you.


Written by my hand on the 8th of Midsummer, in the year 1025.