my zombie-like response.


My lord and master, Zenichiro, whose evil tendrils have enveloped my soul, has ordered me to respond to your accusations.

As Zenichiro's minion, I have been a spy for him by consorting with many who are his enemy; and at his command I defend his city (thakria of course) by killing their fighters.

Yes, Kes, I am totally under Zeni's \"thrawl\" (sic).

On a note to Orielle, I think it is both sad and slightly disturbing that, now Parrius is what Springdale once tried to be (a neutral city)

we are being accused of allying with one side just because *some* of our citizens don't ally themselves with yours.

Please remember that it is largely through Springdale's own inaction in the period when Parrius was allied to Mercinae against Thakria, and the fact that you would support with words but not troops, that

Parrius finally got fed up with the uterly inactive role being played by her troops, and removed herself from the useless alliance.

And it is precisely because Springdale did nothing to help Parrius and Mercinae when you were allied with us, and because you did nothing to help Mercinae against Parrius when you were allied with them,

that you find yourself isolated and without alliances now.

Parrius is now a strong, thriving, *neutral* city, with many citizens like myself who sympathise with your side, and many other citizens who sympathise more with Thakria.

But the fact remains that these citizens work well together for Parrius before all else, and this is why we are strong, and why you fear us and try to spread ridiculous propaganda about an alliance with Thakria.

I dislike having to post strong words on this subject since as I said earlier I am one of those Parrians who sympathise with your city.

But perhaps if you started examining Parrius as a city in herself rather than trying to fit a square block into a round hole

and see it as part of your polarised view of the world (ie Thakria vs everyone else), you might have better luck on the diplomatic front.


Written by my hand on the 7th of Midsummer, in the year 1025.