Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

As if I haven't stated before that all of the Parrian Citizens now (excluding Krill) are all Thakrians.

Siobhann just stated the obvious after backing the evil government in Parrius she went back home

to Thakria where she was born from the loins of a pig.

Wonder if anyone else in Parrius feels the weight of Thakria over them. Funny how the ex Thakrians

do not help when Thakria pasted the living daylights out of the Parrian citizens who are not ex Thaks.

And if I am a fruitcake, what does that make you Siobhann running around naked with your demons in

an evil triangule of blood and animal entrails. You must be sick and probably the biggest fool here since

you spend so much time in BB when Nafai isn't here.

Lies and more Lies from Zenichiro, but the biggest trick he ever played on all of you pathetic fools was

making you believe that evil didn't exist, through his doctoring of the meeting logs with Mercinae to his

down right lying ways about his intentions.

Actions and what is to come will prove that I am correct and have always been. For it takes one of a pure

and noble soul to see through the screen of chains that he has thrown around you to capture and make you

believe that you are not slaves to him.

Come and beat me Zenichiro, see if you have the guts to break my soul, and as for Siobhann I will be taking

it out on you and your guild.


Written by my hand on the 3rd of Midsummer, in the year 1025.