In defence of Parrius.

Shimmering Shadowcat, Partage des Cimesto Everyone

AS a farily new Avalonian, only on for a few months this year, I could not restrain myself when I see posts asking everyone to attack a city based on a personal agrument. In choosing a City, I examined both Parrius and Mercanie. While both have wonde

rful people, and many are my freiends, it was Parrius who welcomed me with open arms. Without question I was assisted any timeI had a question, and helped along through by newbie stage. ++

For all new people to Avalon, please do not take the words of a few discgruntled people to haeart. Decide for yourself the virtue of the city you decide to join and why you wish to join it.++

To all my friends it doesnt matter what city you are from, or what position you hold, we are all here because we obviously enjoy being here. You can count on this kitty to always be faithful to those I call friends

Written by my hand on the 16th of Paglost, in the year 1025.