What it comes down to...

You wanna know the real difference between me and you Kes? Yes you did kill me,

although you neglected to mention the presence of Orinoko and Wishmaker. But the real

difference is that when I kill you, I laugh with glee. When you contribute to my death,

your first instinct is of fear and terror. You panic of what you have brought down upon

yourself, that is why you can never win. Your fear will always haunt you.

You begged Camaris pitifully to get you out of where you were and help you run to the pool

before I was off the ship, sadly for you he was too slow and you and Wishmaker were

promptly taking that most reflective of voyages.

See, I may have died a few times today but they are only the losses of minor battles,

but when you die Kes, every single time is like losing a whole war.

Oh, and as to the two men you found on my unicorn, I am sure Alarius will atest that I

killed them yesterday in self-defence while I was having a peaceful conversation within


Written by my hand on the 4th of Paglost, in the year 1025.