And his little croonie backdoor boys Krill, Wishmaker, Neidhart Giliad and Arathorn.

Hope you enjoy yourselves in the bandits guildhouse. I will have to stop being so slack in secruity. Just remember the bandits guild is a non city guild and you are robbing more from fellow citizens then myself and definetly Thakria. However being

a non city guild has its benefits and the artisans, craftmasters, paladins and warriors will surly compensate us in many ways. Heck we may even break in sometime if thieves ever actually become the best actual thieves in avalon again(anchor runes wha

t a dumb rune!). Poor jaipur did have a question why you guys sucked so bad it took like 6 of you to off him. Anyway I look forward to facing you all(knowing you probably at least 3 on 1 but hey then where would the challenge be).

As always love me


Written by my hand on the 17th of Ilmarael, in the year 1024.