The usage of stock-rooms.

Hellchaser, The Rebornto Everyone

I am personally rather annoyed right now. Babidi has been using his \"heads\" skill and cursing from a stockroom all day, his excuse being that he's on telnet. I never post on this bb, and if I do complain it is normally due to a situation i get myself

into, and I get over it.

What has me frazzled here though, is that his location is totally safe from attack, it is my opinion that to use an offensive skill, you have to make yourself vounerable as well, its only \"fair\". If he feels he needs to hide in a stockroom, thats fine

, other guilds like the thieves have sewers, and rangers have treetops, but there is no way to attack someone outside those locations.

If I am the only one with this gripe I'll keep it to myself, but if not, somthing needs to happen here folks.


Written by my hand on the 16th of Springflower, in the year 1024.