Orielle and Abuse of Pacifism.

Kal Zakathto Mariah Carey, Angel of the Abyss

Abuse of pacifism by Orielle is a well documented phenomenon which has on many

occasion been experienced by a large number of thakrians. You'll find that after

each abuse a large number of cronies will post to support her, and after a while

you'll find yourself being accused by her of trying to kill her and other pacifists.

Like babidi, you might be accused of sadism a few weeks after that and then get a

few warnings from the deities they bombard their rubbish at. (I myself have recently

recieved such a warning despite not being around enough to keep my potions refilled!!

Apparently I have enough time to still kill pacifists yet not enough to defend my city)

In the past (less recently due to enforced absence from the land) you will find that

Orielle will do whatever is necessary to get at Thakria or people who fight our agressors.

Apart from the mandatory bathing of bodies during fights, suicide runs into my magics when

I'm fighting teams in a futile attempt to get me banned from the game, she'll also use

and direct other pacifists to use their invulnerability to scout for enemy troop movements,

pick up runes during fights, carry tracker runes for their prophets to track, rob shops as

they are not ejected by city defence mechanisms and I'm sure even more.

My advice to you Mariah is to make your claim but not let it bother you. As more genuine

complaints are brought forward, maybe it will be realised that there is some degree of truth

in what you and I and others like us are talking about. And perhaps one day in the future

she will be made to answer for her actions.


Written by my hand on the 27th of Eleuthral, in the year 1024.