you fool.

If you believed i went pw for levels you are more of a fool than we all thought,

Ask around oh foolish camaris then you might actually learn something

A lot of people here know why i choose pw, not for levels but for something far greater

Although someone with your lack of inteligence wouldnt be able to understand it

Wishmaker in response to you, orielle has on multiple occasions abused pw, she will and always will abuse it when it suits her

She like to whine and complain to others about unfairness but if cheating suits her she does it

She has no concept of right and wrong, she will do what she can to achieve her goals

When she says she doesnt interfere in fights, i laugh, what do you call locking someone in a shop so they cant get out while her fellow cits portal in

As well as all this she make trips around thakria pointing out any staves or locations with men to her citizens, while telling everyone shes questing

Written by my hand on the 25th of Eleuthral, in the year 1024.