Well, all you huggie hide-behind-gods types anyways...

Arikarrto Everyone

Well now,

You've given me a reason to stay, folks.

I shall stay, become a god myself, and then zap anyone I don't like.

Thakria will never need fear again. The guilds will be safe. War will

become a thing of the past, and all will be peaceful in Avalon at


Nice chat room. Wheres the play?

Then again, there's already plenty of Gods who can do that now, eh?

I pay my money to play, they pay theirs. If they judge me, then I shall

judge them. IRL, they are just people like me and you, and I don't

like being **** upon from a great height anymore than anyone else.

If A god is free to do as they will, it implies that mortals are

just as free. So why was I punished when I disfavoured a few

people whilst I was a High Priest? Why did I lose an entire

skillset and have to start again when I left an Order? No

freedom there, folks. The Avalon you propose is one where

entertainment is provided for a few, the Gods, whilst the

masses are simple the playthings.

Before you all go bowing and scraping before a deity in order

to avoid any potential wrath (called 'sucking-up' in many places)

think about the world you are creating. Does it belong to all,

or just an elite few?

I would like to add, by way of clarification, that many of the

Gods here have equally earnt my respect by their hard work

and diligent efforts to increase play. But there have been

a few who have acted like utter ****holes constantly, and in

the past, things have been done about such.

Written by my hand on the 8th of Midwinter, in the year 1024.