Brigantia's Actions.

Kilthas, Chaotic Roninto Everyone

Ello all,

I wasn't planning on posting on this, but with all of the various complaints

being thrown about, I think I shall. In any case, what Brigantia did was something

that none of us would like to have happen to us on similar terms. Even though I'm

fairly young in the scheme of things here in Avalon, even I have suffered from

circumstances of a similar nature in the past.

Regardless, I think there is something being missed regarding this entire state

of affairs. Brigantia is the goddess of Life. As such, it is her right and duty

to watch over this particular realm. Most of the time, I dare say that she mostly

does what she can to make certain that there aren't too many abuses. Of course,

it is also her right to punish those who sin against her realm as she sees fit.

If she really cared to, I'm sure she could justify zapping anyone who kills

anyone else or anything here in Avalon simply to avenge its death. Likewise

with these most recent events.

Remember, she is the goddess of Life. She can give life and take it away as

she so desires in order to keep her realm more, how shall I say this ... pure.

I suggest we no longer overlook her ability to do the latter.

Fare thee well and tempt not the Fates,


Written by my hand on the 9th of Agamnion, in the year 1023.