Divinities and their role in Avalon.

Sir Wishmaker, the last Wolfhoundto Everyone

Good day,people.

Good post made by Roneth. I just want to add something to general picture.

Do not forget,Avalon is role playing environment and we all trying to make it as real as possible.

Now,try to think what would have hapened in real world if you would call something God did \"stupid\"?

Why,for Pet's sake,you think we mortals have a right to ask Divinity to explain it's actions.

I think we forgetting our place in universe.

God's don't have to expain nothing to us and can do whatever they want to.

If animists guild was attacked and Goddess of live didn't like it it's her right!

I don't want to list examples here. What matters is general point:They are Gods,we are mortals.

I have been told by elders that long time ago Gods showed very little tolerance for us,not like now.

If you acted so disrespectfully towards Divinity as Nafai did and you actually still can talk about it you lucky man.

Gods can do very nasty things to you if you don't know,one little example of it is underworld.

Sorry for such unorganized post but i'm very tired.

Point i wanted to make is - stop complaining about God's actions and start showing respect and accepting things like they are.

teach young respect towards divinities becouse we certainly don't want Gods to sart treating us with hard hand again.

Written by my hand on the 21st of Leaflost, in the year 1023.