Well now...

Arikarrto Everyone

Seems I have a ear or two willing to listen on both sides of the fence here,

and as I have pretty much left Avalon, this incident being the

straw on the camels back, I have a few words to say on the matter of

the sorcerers engagement against the animists guild.

Now, I can hear the ravings now, but if only once in my existence,

believe me now that I am telling you WHAT I SAW.

Brigantia Cheated.

This so-called deity of goodness, appeared in the location that

was attacked AFTER the attack was launched, then zapped Nafai for,

and I quote \"Daring to attack a location she was in\". Well, thats

obviously fair and just eh?

So, huzow bathed Nafais body (apologies, Nafai was Decomposed not

Zapped), and was zapped for doing so. In a show of solidarity against

this blatant favourtism and cheating, I also bathed Huzow, and was

zapped. Resurrecting myself, I bathed Huzow, and I think Nafai as

well, and was zapped again. Ressurrect myself again, and shout

wrath of the Diabolus', the Anger of Xanthe, and the vile teams

of tossboy huggies every day, being hit by Brigantia is like

being slapped by a kindergarten teacher.

For this, I receveived an Eternal Disfavour.

Suddenly, Ragar appears with troops, Lots of huggies log in out

of the blue, and fighting begins.

Fact is, that none of these lovely 'coincidences' would have

had time to occur if it hadn't been for 'Brigantia' DELAYING

us with this underhanded tactic.

well, you can come to your own conclusions now, but I always

thought that Avalon had some 'spirit of play' left, rather than

an attitude of 'well, the game lets me do this, so I shall.'

I'd also love to hear the level of whining, if our enemies had

turned up to burn the sorcerers guild down, only to have Xanthe

or the Diabolus' appear and do the same as brigantia did. Be

honest with yourselves, and put yourself in our shoes for a moment.

Do you want a game where this can happen?

I call for Brigantias resignation, before all the mortal possibilities

of this otherwise cracking game are lost to someones desire to

'Win' in a 'Roleplaying game'.


Written by my hand on the 17th of Leaflost, in the year 1023.