Jackle the dusty bearto Ragar, Claws of the Sea

How are you always there when most needed? Thanks for running to their support, they are always there for us nice you could return the favour.

I agree with you that we will most likely recieve a counter attack, therefor I will move all unclaimed comms from the guild tree in the Greenwood to proper storage. Xantipe is good but has always had problems fighting with troops.

To all of the Rangers with comms in the guild, if you do not want it moved pls msg me. Our guild is a quick and easy target as proven many times in the past. We also have a safe place you can store you comms and access if you have cccswing.

One last note, in the past Lady Brigantia asked that no poisons be planted in her temple, durring my wanders I found some low level poisons there, I have removed all of them and destroyed them. There are many many forest locs so we don't need to plan

t poisons there. The herbs in her temple are for replanting only never to be sold, and never pick them to a low level.

Jackle, proud to be getting dusty again

Written by my hand on the 30th of Hindyear, in the year 1023.