Such fun!.

Curious how most matters, even personal ones, invariably escalate into into that exhausted huggy/badass squash game when tossed into the limelight.

Similarly intriguing that the wording of a letter between lovers, a letter

not coined to make much sense to anyone but the happy pair, can be ripped

out of context and flaunted ceremoniously as being irrefutable evidence of

the alarming influx of huggy mentality. Moreover, that the fleeting moments

and emotions of those words' inception can be stretched to define half of

Avalon eight years later, is nothing short of brilliant.

Hats off to Huzow and Dartanian for displaying the glorious versatility of

our beloved language. You're grand guys, which perchance is why you

consistently stumble over yourself in an affected attempt to demonstrate

how profoundly evil and malicious you are. I thumb my nose at you from the

comforts of our wedding bed!


Written by my hand on the 7th of Midsummer, in the year 1023.