The Loremasters

Lorelord Brucosto Everyone
  I think people may be getting the wrong message from the previous few BB posts concerning the Loremasters, its Guildmaster and its future.   I would like to set the record straight.  For a start, I believe that no member of a Guild should have the cheeck to enter a Guild, and after less than two days become its permanent Guildmaster.  Okay, fine, I admit to have letting in Helkarakse as Guildmaster, yet DURING my absence as explained in one of my previous messages.  The actions he took were severely out of line.  Admittedly, he apologized profusely, and I was re-admitted into my Guild.  However, I still believe I have a just claim to the Guildmastership, and thus have re-challenged him in order to do so.   As for Davros Bloodaxe:  Firstly, I bid thee to deny that I offered you the Guildmaster place soon after I had defeated you in the Election. In fact, you refused, because you were now a member and indeed the Guildmaster of the Cavaliers.   As for the future of the Guild and its dedication to and commitme
t to Thebes?  I believe that just because the Guild has always been situated in Thebes, it does not necessarily have to remain so.  As Guildmaster, I had long talks with the Guild's Patron, Astrea, Goddess of Wisdom. I explained to her my plans for the Guild, including that of starting a Guildhouse in the City of Pyrraeus.  She was all for it, believing that expansion could only be positive for the Guild.   If criticisms still exist about me and/or the Guild, please either MSG me or use the BB, because there is little I hate more than a bad name.

Lorelord Brucos III, Prince of Pyrraeus, High-Priest of Maedhros.

P. S. Davros: Remember that the position of Guildmaster in the Loremasters              will always be available to you.  You are the one who built
              it into the great Guild it is today.  Let none of us forget