Unacceptable behavoir.

Sir Wishmaker, the last Wolfhoundto Everyone

I am young but i thought that i've seen people go crazy. I was wrong. Today i was shocked.

I was raised to respect and obey Gods. I was given a knoweledge of our world created and cared by Immortals.

It seems not everyone feels the same way.

I write this not becouse i think i should but plain and simple becouse i never thought i will see something like this.

Today Maynard probably started with a wrong foot and decided to allow himself more then he should have.

Standing face to face with me (make it face to back for he was attacking me from behind) he called all followers of Magellan incompetent and Magellan Himself stupid.

That wasn't enough and later same day he called Proteus a faulse God and said he actually don't care about cosecuences.

Now,i feel man stepped over line no mortal should and disrespected not only Gods but us too.

I call you all,who follow Magellan and Proteus and just people who agree this is unaccaptable to make Maynard's life as unpleasant as possible for as long as it'll take to make him to understand his mistake.

Wishmaker,as shocked as ever could be

Written by my hand on the 13th of Ilmarael, in the year 1022.