Artisan Allanonto Loremaster Yairi

Thank you for pointing out those messages to read, I have not yet done so

but in anticipation of their content being as you state I thank you and stand corrected.

I obviously mistakedly took the newsletter information on face value assuming it

to be well after everyhting was sorted out.

Regarding my logic I am sorry I must diagree with you.

There has always been potential conflicts where Barons/Ministers and even

guildmembers \"personal\" actions are potentially in conflict with that of their

office or position.

Until the day when it is decreed or established that all guildmembers MUST come

from the guilds home city \"loyalties\" will always be called into question.

The question is where does it stop?, guild patrons?, the gods guild members follow?

of course what it all boils down to is relative actions.

Everyone is aware the current GM of the Artisans has had conflicts with the

Government of the cities he has lived in (having been in government in Parrius

Springdale and Mercinae).

One thing I would say is that Catt has been the best choice for GM because of his work

and time spent toiling for the guild - there have been no guild bb's ever questioning that

when over the years there have been dozens of active members from all the cities (bar Thakria)

Written by my hand on the 24th of Skyelong, in the year 1022.