The Future of the Artisans.

You've asked what the future is of the Artisans guild?

A simple question to answer! It will wither and die, as it has been doing for a

long time.

Who is responsible?

I'd love to take responsibility but alas I cannot. That honour lies with you,

and Catt, and 90% of the rest of the Artisans.

Why is that you ask?

That is because the responce from many Artisans to Catt's woefully inadequate

leadership and piece by piece destruction of the guild has, for the vast majority

of the time, been 'What's the worst he can do?'

Well, now you are seeing 'the worst he can do'. He has destroyed the guild, yet

still the responce is apathy and blaming of others.

Let me just finish by giving examples of some of the 'personal actions' Catt did

which you say should have no bearing on the Artisans or Parrius.

He withdraw all captain and quartermaster privileges from one Artisan citizen

for daring to vote against him.

He threatened another Artisan citizen with outguilding if they did not stand

down in an election against him.

He argued AGAINST Parius, and FOR Mercinae during our initial discussions with them.

These are examples of the actions (and there are others) which have made it

impossible for the city to bear his abuse of the guild any longer.

Written by my hand on the 14th of Paglost, in the year 1022.