You're pathetic whining.

Allanon, as usual you are merely demonstrating that you are an unknowing idiot.

I thank Yairi for knowing the particular posts which prove quite specifically

how you always manage to conveniently abuse the truth in order to make some

false point.

I am interested to know how you think that Mercinae came out of this worse off

than Thakria did in their conflict. Thakria did not have a single building

remaining that could be razed, even all the houses including those of 'evil'

Animists were destroyed. Not a troop remained in the city, nor any fortifications.

Moreover, Thakria was not allowed to build up it's fortifications, or move

any troops outside of the city to attempt to regain any SOI. Every guildhouse

was destroyed and the city was also not allowed to build fortifications to

defend itself.

It also had to deal with Springdale independantly to avoid war on that front.

Mercinae on the other hand lost about 3 or 4 buildings in total, and only one

of it's many guilds was attacked. As to troops, it was left with a barracks,

it was also left with some troops, and a substantial number of guild troops.

I also allowed Mercinae to keep a substantial fortification of 100,000.

I was also generous enough to allow Mercinae to keep ALL of it's food

commodities. And of the remainder, they only had to pay 65% of each commodity,

as opposed to 75% that Thakria had to pay. Again, Mercinae is also not

limited in this treaty to keep it's army within it's walls, or to keep itself

undefended by not building fortifications.

I think you will find that up until long after the treaty with Mercinae was up,

Thakria still only had 2 commodity stores in the entire city. Mercinae is only

missing about that many.

If Ragar informs me that he'd like to renegotiate the treaty between our two

cities then that is fine, you on the other hand are a nobody who has no say in

any of this.

I will also point out that not you or ANY other Mercinaen citizen was obligated

to leave the city whatsoever.

Written by my hand on the 14th of Paglost, in the year 1022.