Your knowledge and logic.

Loremaster Yairito Artisan Allanon

Regarding the issue of Thakrian commodities prior to, during, and after

the Mercinian invasion, I direct you to public post 13997, which outlined

the final terms of peace between the two cities. I would particularly

point out Item number two of this treaty:

2) 75% of the commodities removed from Thakria in the face of the invasion

will be turned over to Mercinae. As per our first meeting Apollo shall

oversee this if he is so willing.

I posted Thakria's acceptance of this treaty (post 13997) and, a few days

thereafter, Lord Apollo handed me a canoe containing the 25% of those

commodities that Thakria was allowed to keep. I had, and still have, no

reason to believe that Lord Apollo's accounting and distribution of those

commodities were incorrect.

I would also refer you to posts 13983 and 13997, that outline the Guarthang

- Thakria commodity connection. In short, there WAS NO CONNECTION.

I freely admit that my GUILD donated some commodities (including substantial

numbers of ores) to Guarthang prior to the invasion, but NONE OF THESE


When Ithakus returned to Thakria from Gant, he did indeed donate some

iron to Thakria. The amount donated, however, was given over the

course of several years and amounted to fewer than 100 ore.

Thakria did indeed rebuild her gates and buildings rather quickly, but

it was done through HARD WORK. We mined like crazy and worked our butts off.

Relative to your statement: \"Forgive my logical mind, but if the

personal actions of Catt and Myself make The Artisans guild \"Mercinaen\"

then logically the actions of Zenichiro clearly make PArrius (sic) a

\"Thakrian\" city. \", I suggest you take a course in logic.

A more appropriate analogy would go something like this. If the

leadership and members of the Sorcerer's guild opposed the will and

actions of the democratically elected government of Thakria, if

most of the guild's membership LIVED in Mercinae, and invested most

of their resources DEFENDING Mercinane, then the Sorcerer's guild

COULD logically be considered to be acting contrary to the will of

Thakria and hence could be considered a Mercinae guild. Such is not

the case, of course, with the fiercely Thakrian-loyal Sorcerer Guild.

Such WAS the case with the so-called \"Parrian\" Artisan's guild.

The objectives and attitudes of Parrius have changed recently


can see this. But this change came through a democratic process

that over threw the previous one-man rule that long existed there.

The change ALSO converted Parrius from being a ghost town to being

a vibrant, thriving city. Just because you disagree with what Parrius

is doing doesn't make Parrius a \"Thakrian\" city. It makes her PARRIUS.

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Springflower, in the year 1022.