Artisan Allanonto Loremaster Yairi

Thakria Comms - I was a Baron at the time and active in government I never saw or heard of these

comms that the gods made Thakria return nor was there any messages on the public or city bb.

I dot not say you lie but if you do speak the truth it was kept ever so low key.

In any even Thakria did rebuild it gates and some buildings very quickly whether it was

Gant, Gauthang or hidden comms I do not know.

Regarding the Artisans, I would offer the following comments:

1. I am 215 years old, apart from an accident of birth being born Thakrian (soon corrected)

, a brief dalliance with the bards and a mistaken guild merger with Alchemists I would

estimate I have been an Artisan almost 200 years.

2. In that time the guild has never acted against Parrius or I myself, even when Mercinae

foolishly joined with Shaitan to attack Parrius when I was a Mercinae Baron I stood aside.

3. Forgive my logical mind, but if the personal actions of Catt and Myself make The Artisans

guild \"Mercinaen\" then logically the actions of Zenichiro clearly make PArrius a \"Thakrian\" city.

Have A Nice Day

Written by my hand on the 29th of Cloudburst, in the year 1022.