A Couple Of Things.

Artisan Allanonto Everyone

Just a brief note of the Artisans guild, The Guardians of Parrius have made it very clear

they do not want the Artisans Loremaster Profession guild in their city, in recent talks.

A note my former city Mercinae, from which I was evicted as part of the peace process

I thought you might be interested in the following:

If you type help newspaper2, you will get too see an old Avalon newsletter.

If you go to section III \"Current Affairs\" information is given on the glorious invasion

of Thakria by Mercinae now some time ago.

What is really interesting and I quote \"The Thakrians were utterly routed. Their entire army and those of their

guilds were destroyed. For the first time in Avalon's history Mercinae marched victorious into

Thakria and began to raze and loot her. Frantically the Thakrians (particularly Lilandrin

the former Ranger) worked to gather up whatever wealth and commodoties they could and flee. \"

Interesting that Mercinae was publicly told such actions were unallowable. Parrius perhaps you should count yourselves

very fortunate that the gods allowed you a \"total\" victory.

As I remember those comms saved by Thakria helped in the early days of their rebuilding

although only a fool would not agree their current position is earnt by their own hard work.

Written by my hand on the 30th of Mournsend, in the year 1022.