the realm of avalon.

Kal Zakathto Sir Wishmaker, the last Wolfhound

Avalon is a violent realm where conflict lurks behind every corner. Almost every

single skill contains abilities that harm others, counter-harm, or protect against

harm and even the animist skills contain skills which can be used to adversely affect

a person.

Even the newer skills of Labours and Farming are geared towards gathering commodities

and processing these commodities into weapons, food for armies and basic combat equipment.

The way the four cities deal with this violent realm differs, and this is where you

should be putting your energy into. The deities cannot solve all mortal problems for us,

it is up to us mortals to change the fate of our cities and our fellow citizens.

It only takes a handful of people to turn a city into a safe haven, undoubtedly in the

past Thakria has nurtured more of these players than the other cities but it is not a goal

which is unachievable. Parrius has recently developed a strong offensive player capability

coupled with military might to keep her own citizens safe.

Indeed Springdale a few months ago was also a quite safe, before they declared enemy status

on Thakria and ordered their prophets to attack Thakria directly leading to conflict and

the eventual battle of Ladakh where Springdale lost the major hold she had over Thakria.

You and certain other citizens have the power to change your current course (which in

my opinion is going the same way as Mercinae). The questions are whether you have the

willpower and determination to see it through.

To ensure the safety of your own citizens you could either invade Thakria or have the

resources to invade Thakria, or push your city towards a more combatitive nature whereby

you don't just sit there and watch each other die which happens very regularly.

To some degree, your current situations are your own faults. Thakria does not have the

largest player base, or contains the players with the highest skills. We merely have fewer

pacifists and protected players which leads to more highly skilled players defending each

other in times of need. If for example you were ever able to convince Orielle to give you

a hand and violently expel a thakrian from your walls, it would certainly be easier than

carrying out the task alone. (I am not debating if she wants to or not, just the fact that

it would help)

So, I guess all that remains for you to do is choose which barons you want in your city

and which citizens you want. Driving out Tyrion for example was one of Springdales' worst

mistakes. and keeping citizens like... (well I best not go into that) I'm sure you get

the idea.

Listen, don't listen, bothers me not.


Written by my hand on the 19th of Eleuthral, in the year 1022.