with respect, one of the many reasons this excellent land is better than the countless other available

worlds, is the fact that it is not always \"nice\" or \"friendly\".

There are already several methods to discourage people being attacked, namely PW, DP and bloodlust.

Restricting fighting to people of only the same size would be 1) unworkable, and 2) extremely unrealistic.

what if someone smaller than yourself waltzed into your guild one day and started robbing it blind. You would be unable to stop this person. imagine how youd feel then

It would also remove the element of skill from the game. It's not how high your skills are

but how you use them. It's been said many times,by a lot of people who actually know

what they are on about (ie. not me )

If you really dont want to be attacked, type CIT and ask one of the people on the list

(any one will do) how to sit in barracks all day. Safe but boring.

sorry if this sounds disrespectful, but Avalon can be a harsh world. To make it any less, would be to ruin it, in my opinion

Written by my hand on the 14th of Eleuthral, in the year 1022.