Had you turned your nose back to the inception of this world,

you'd have gleaned that it was never as mild on individuals

less inclined to adrenal stimulation as is presently the case.

Indeed, some prefer the savagery of the past and thus Avalon's

sister game The First Age was created for their benefit (and

unquestionably that of a certain bank balance.)

In short if you seek, as you put it, the original face of the

game in coveting a more forgiving environment, I believe you'd

be sorely disappointed. Avalon has always revolved around

pitting together in combat the craft and cunning of its players,

and in the process at times the weak are smitten. It has in that

regard \"improved\", and will perhaps continue to do so... I

suggest you enjoy what mechanisms there are by way of shielding

you from the ferocious few, or contrive more useful arguments

than the restoration of a former, better state.


Written by my hand on the 9th of Eleuthral, in the year 1022.