Open letter to creators of Avalon.

Sir Wishmaker, the last Wolfhoundto Everyone


This is an \"out of character\" post. I know some people mailed Apollo about this subject but i thought post here may be good as well.

When i first forund Avalon home page,spent hours reading manual,made my first steps it seemed huge,complex,intresting game.

Nothing i ever saw couldn't be compared to Avalon. Opportunities and life paths person can choose are numerous.

Interaction with other characters are good.

And so on,we all know good sides of Avalon.

Lately,when i enter Avalon it's damn strangely reminds me of Quake server - go,take biggest gun you can find and every kill is 10 points. have fun!

I am not speaking for myself here. My character will probably stay and will do what he can no matter what,that is how i do things.

However,there are lot of people who think differently.

Those people are tired of getting killed,jumped,stripped and so on.

They say \"If i want to get big sword and go blast someone i'd better play Diablo. At least it's with pictures. \"

You know what? They right. This incredibly good game has turned into slaughterhouse.

I have a suggestion on how to correct things. It may be taken only as a first step of many but something needs to be done.

I suggest to apply next rule :

Person can't attack or hurm in any direct way someone smaller. Acts like that should be punished by Divinities. This shouldn't apply to cases of moving or helping to move troops,and person with city enemy status standing in city enemied him.

Person that hurm in any direct way person under dp should be banned to the underworld for a month.

Person that hurm in any direct way person under pw should be banned to the underworld for 3 month.

Repeat killing without giving person a chance to reastablish defences should be punished by Divinities.

Now,i don't say it's best idea. It's merely general idea.

I just say something should be done to give this game it's original face and make it little bit more \"friendly\" for people.

Written by my hand on the 5th of Eleuthral, in the year 1022.