Artisans Guild.

Artisan Allanonto Everyone

I post this as an Artisan, the guild I have been a proud member of for several Avalon centuries.

As (with no provocation from the guild) the PArrius government decided to use Parrian

troops to smash our guild building in Parrius and steal Artisan commodities we as

a guild feel Parrius has made its feelings clear.

Currently we are seeking guidance from our guild patron as to where our future lies.

Peronally I think Parrius has made it very clear how little they value having a Loremaster

profession guild within their city, and even clearer how little they value the Artisan guild.

An added twist is reference to the citizenship of Artisan guild members an issue NO city least

of all Mercinae has any influence on.

I would suggest that any cities currently entering their own negotiations bear this in mind

and I sincerely hope with divine guidance forthcoming a future for the Artisans can be

decided that make any other dicussions a moot issue.

Allanon, Elder and Deputy GM of the Artisans Guild

Written by my hand on the 18th of Springflower, in the year 1021.