My turn.

Giliad Silverhandto Kal Zakath

I think it's time for one of those \"prominent Springdale citizens\" present during the attack to speak up...

During the battle of Ladakh, Mercinaen fighters fought bravely and died at my side defending land that was not thiers.

They fought for thier friends, for their loyalties, which transcend citizenship.

During the early hours of the Parrian invasion I fought along side Geist and Alarius against Arthor and Steel as they provided cover for Zenichiro, and I celebrated victories and mourned losses that day.

I did not fight on thier side because Zenichiro, a long time rival was marching the troops.

I fought because my friends, Geist and Alarius, needed help.

During that battle, I was not Springdalian, I was myself.

After a period of rest form the land, I returned to find the battle in full swing.

My friends in Mercinae, I apologize, but your defence was ill-planned and lacking in numbers, and my prescence on the battle field would have brought no more success to your attempts than you found.

I gave advice, offered council, and tried to gather what information I could, once again acting as a person caught between two warring friends, as I had allies on both sides.

During the battle of Ladakh, the lines were clear...the Thakrians were the enemy, and all Springdalians and Mercinaens will fight against the evil that is Thakria.

Most Springdalians call Tyrion and Blotto friends, as do we have ties to those that made up the Mercinaen defence.

In this battle, Springdale has truly showed her reforged commitment to independence within her walls...

We could chose to fight for Mercinae beside some of our friends, or for Parrius beside others.

I chose neither.


Written by my hand on the 15th of Cloudburst, in the year 1021.