Orinoko, the Renegade Wombleto Kal Zakath

Since we are using points, here we go:

1) How in hell do you know what stocks Springdale has 2) Hasnt Kes's little escapade into the propaganda war already told you that people dont listen to it, just a) laugh, b) get annoyed 3) Springdale sent prominent citizens to Parrius before the atta

ck, are you insinuating that Springdale is in league with Parrius? funny I saw you in amongst the fighting dont think it was on th Mercinaeans side though 5) Springdale and Mercinae politics (which are completely separate) are nowt to do with though,

so shhhhhhh and 6) Springdale would gain most with the fall of Mercinae? ummmmm, actually strikes me as Tharkia would probably gain at least as much, in fact probably more.

Next time you should use bullets they are sharper and more effective than points *wink*


Written by my hand on the 6th of Cloudburst, in the year 1021.