invasion of knightswood.

Ragar, Claws of the Seato Zenichiro, Master of Lore

I wont make this terribly long. today parrius marched troops into mercinae soi after being asked repeatedly not to do so.

then zenichiro you msg me that you are only following council orders, that the government and people of parrius asked you to invade our territory. oh and the a second msg requesting another set of talks about knightswood.

this is an act of pure agression and strong handed negotiating tactics to force mercinae to give up soi we do not wish to, and make yourselves look good in process.

we will attend no talks at all while your forces occupy our land. that leaves only two options for you as a city.

1. march men out of merc soi and out of threatening position and we may then listen to any proposal you wish to give, but we promise nothing.

2. flag the knightswood, and take by force what a city does not wish to give. thereby declaring war upon mercinae and ending any pretense at neutrality you may claim.

i truely hope that all of parrius will consider what course all of our futures will take, it is in your hands.

ragar , prince of mercinae.

Written by my hand on the 6th of Leaflost, in the year 1020.