Maggot am I.

Well seems this maggot is going to get under your skin and suck your blood like your sorc friends do to

babies here.

I have never threatened any Parrian with war, unless they step over the line with their legions.

Parrius is not neutral, it is a city governed by 3 dictators who do what they want and kick anyone out

who questions them or their actions.

A city that attacks it's own guilds that protect the city, a city that is giving comms and rations to

thakria, a city that gang rapes everyone with thakrian help - whoops sorry just zenichiro there.

Now you are about to see the folly of letting Thakrians into you city, and know this not one person from

the side of light is going to help you when zenichiro's friends come at you.

I am sure zenichiro, marie and siobhann can defend you since they talk the talk, their actions have proven

that, haven't they.

And for calling names, zenichiro you are a bright spark, I aint ever going away until I become your haunted

dreams and a nightmare to you and all the people who follow your dark and evil side.


Written by my hand on the 1st of Skyelong, in the year 1020.