Neutrality of Parrius.

Julianto Everyone

Ok, Hero first:

Parruis is not inclined to aide Thakria, or any city, in any way. Therefore we are NOT the friend of Thakria(just on NEUTRAL terms, which means NEITHER friend nor enemy).

With that said, if you skim through the last few dozen posts you'll see a bunch of paranoid Mercinaens posting about Parrius becoming evil or some non sense.

Personally I have attacked citizens from all 3 other cities of late. Although there aren't as many Thakrians open to my attacks (because of my order) doesn't mean that I like them more

So my point would be, you're looking at reasons that aren't there. Look elsewhere, perhaps you'll find some citizens are sympathetic more to Mercinae, some more to Springdale, and some more to Thakria, especially if their guild is there.


While some Parrians may want the longnight up (mebbe those with evil alignment) there are equal or more people (probably more) in Parrius with a good alignment. Why don't we stop him?



Parrius does not offer comfort the loremasters, some Parrian citizens do. People are biased, the city as a whole is not, hard concept to grasp??

I'm sure Procyon is just as seperate from Marie as Allanon is from you. Your disrespect for the FOUNDER of the guild you lead is appaling. He didn't even do anything to HARM your guild!

Even if he is in \"Marie's Pocket\" why would that be harmful to your guild? You are a Parrian guild right? Despite you not wanting some Parrians of that profession in your guild, and 99% of your members being Mercinaen . . . yes


Zenichiro doesn't have any city-guild issues, because he works for both, and being a citizen of Parrius he can join any guild he wants. The city hosting the guild might have a problem with that, but Parrius does not

His priorities are evenly matched, which is admirable, and more than I can say for most people, who choose to focus on the on or the other. Perhaps Mercinae should re-evaluate what neutral means, it doesn't mean enemy, or friend, it's neither.

So don't be offended if some of us want to give you a hug, and some of us want to eat your spleen.

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Paglost, in the year 1020.