Marie of Parriusto Artisan Allanon

So, you decided, as a Mercinean, to use a Parrian guild as a storehouse for stolen property.

Property that was itself stolen from another guildhouse in yet another city.

Then you have the brass neck to expect Parrian Custodians defend you against the righeous wrath of those from whom you stole.

You also hoped that Procyon wasnt there to see it.

Well, he was, and I was beside him at the time. I will not speak for Procyon, but he has been so dismayed and disgusted with the disintegration of the guild he himself founded, that he left the guild earlier today.

Because he was Parrian, and because he stands beside myself, he had his captaincy and his quartermaster stripped from him, so he was unable to enter his own guild.

As for you, your language to me when I asked you to return the silver you has stolen, was deplorable, as well as the insult it offered to all loremasters.

Take care Allanon, continue to treat Parrius with disrespect and you might have to find another place to store your stolen goods.

Marie of Parrius

Written by my hand on the 11th of Paglost, in the year 1020.