Are there any loyal Parrians left.

Artisan Allanonto Everyone

Since my first days in Avalon the Artisans guild has been Parrius' Loremaster type guild.

I have stood as a Parrian Baron and Artisan GM and fought for Parrius.

Against theft from Parrius by defectors to Thakria and even attack by an ill advised

Ithakus from Mercinae in the past the Artisans have always aided PArrius.

Albeit based in Mercinae for a time after Parrius merged with Mercinae a while back the guild

is again based in Parrius and I can say in my time has never acted against PArrius.

The situation today is a Parrian custodian and FM who really hasn'y been there very long at

all attacks the guild within his own city.

I am pleased Procyon the guild founder is not there to see it.

Parrius the so called city of the free, is no-one free willed enough to question

Zenichiro's actions.

Written by my hand on the 7th of Paglost, in the year 1020.