A recurring theme, your death.

Dear Kes, let me clear up this small matter.

I challenged you, the reply you gave me is not fit for public consumption. You

sat in the pool and I went about my business. Some time later I saw you die,

realising you were now out of the pool I quickly sped to your location, where

I proceeded to kill you three times, sending you on your merry way upon the

ship of death. At no point during my attack where either you or me in the

presence of any other mortal.

The simple fact is Kes, with your truely insane spoutings of late you've made

yourself so unpopular with my citizens that they have taken to posting bounty's

for your head upon my city bulletin board.

As opposed to an incompetant such as yourself, I am very capable of carrying out

the duties required by my post and the wishes of my citizens.

Written by my hand on the 20th of Springflower, in the year 1020.