The truth.

Zenichiro, Master of Loreto Artisan Allanon

Well I certainly expected this post, and I also expected the slanted view

of reality, I'm glad to say that you've proved me right once more.

Let me just remind you of the true facts, I log on to find you inside my guild.

I immediately go to you and try to attack, within the safety of an alkar conjured

from your robes I am unable to harm you in any way. You send me a tell, smiling

and saying words to the effect of 'alkar sucks, doesn't it?'. I enlist the aid

of a seer to destroy your alkar, and then quickly kill you twice.

Surprise, surprise, at this point you find the sudden urge to QQ while still a

ghost. Perhaps you miscalulated the time you had available, from the 25 minutes

it takes to fell a stave to the 2 minutes it took me to kill you?

Instantly to my surprise you log back in, not to put up a courageous effort to

fight me for the right to stand in my guild, but to simply let life potion kick in

and with the benefit of alkar of rebirth, rendering you invulnerable to a mere mortal

such as myself, pick up your sword and instantly QQ again.

Almost the exact same thing happened with me and you yesterday, and has also happened

many times in the past when you've managed to get into my guild.

You know as well as I do, QQ'ing during a combat situation is totally out of character

and ruins atmosphere, a player of your years should well have learned by now. When you

are as willing to quit at the first sign of danger as you have proven, there is little

way for me to evict you from anywhere.

Written by my hand on the 14th of Springflower, in the year 1020.