Justice Ha!.

Artisan Allanonto Everyone

After trying for many days to infiltrate the very strong defences of the Loremasters

guild in my search for items required to put up the longnight, through sheer determine and

guile I managed to get to the location next to the treasure room.

As it is so difficult to get into there and as my time in Avalon is limited I logged

out in the said location.

Over the last few days when the joys of telnet have allowed I have visitied the land to

see if any further progress can be made to get into the treasure room.

Fair play to the Loremasters they have replaced staves and made life difficult and I have died

several times whilst retaining a foot hold.

Every day I have made teleport pills in case i found myself ejected from the guild.

Today another such struggle ensued after which I again quit the realm of Avalon.

I return to find myself in the Pool of life and strangely missing my hard won

teleport pills.

Alas against such cunning foes as the Loremasters I suppose I shall have to admit defeat. How

they not only managed to remove me from the guild but also strip my pills when I was not even in the realm

of Avalon is of course beyond my power to stop.

When next my Lord and Patron Apollo is barred from the land of Avalon by the Longnight Ritual long

shall I remeber this day.

Written by my hand on the 12th of Springflower, in the year 1020.