It seems our Pangyron is a little out of date regarding your

citizenship, old friend, but nonetheless Thakria gives you

thanks for your recent endeavours.

To the Star-Sorcerer I say this, we NEVER betrayed the

so-called 'master', and nor did we bow down to him. Nor shall we

ever betray an ally such as you intimate, or bow down to them.

If anything, your 'masters' pathetic weakness in personal

combat proved the downfall of his own plans, despite Thakrias

constant battling to preserve his existence. We bled for him and

what he could offer us, whilst he stood still, watched and then


Now consider well, 'Sorcerer', before you speak further and

make yourself an enemy of all the folk of Avalon and offend

your allies, that you address the power of Miracles, whose

might has been proven of late, and that not even you, and

certainly not your 'master' could stand against the might

of four cities.

Consider well...

Written by my hand on the 10th of Cloudburst, in the year 1020.