idling discussion.

Comrade Krill, Warrior of Parriusto Everyone

Just a couple of points relevant to things that have been discussed:

1) There are already time limits for spending time in barracks and comms sheds - long enough to stop people doing any serious idling in them. So I don't know why people are still discussing this, it was an old discussion from the fighters board.


There are ways to get into a shop stockroom (irrespective of dp or PW status) if a target is idling in there. Hence those with the right skills and the intelligence to use them can indeed take advantage of this and \"punish\" idlers.

3) Divine favour does increase skill progress, tho it does not affect lesson gain that I know of. It might be nice to see this, but it's not a big point - not many people get divine favours all too regularly, and it's not something you would expect to

happen just from not idling.

4) Stripping protection from idlers would either be abused too easily, or would be too difficult and rare to make a real difference.

I have seen divinely protected people killed while idling by use of certain skillsets which may also be applicable to PW people (I don't know about the details) so it's not as if it's entirely necessary to strip these protections anyway.

To sum up: most of the suggestions come from the fact that people want easier ways to deter idling, not from the fact that it is currently impossible.

I think the best ideas put forward so far have been for alternate ways of lesson gain, which is what I suggested near the beginning of this discussion.

Lesson gains accruing a little like farming or labours increasing - representing not only a general steady increase, but also having this determined by one's practice in the relevant period.

If lesson increase is to represent our real skills and potential developing as we experience life, this would only make sense if it was judged a little by exactly how much we *have* experienced life.


Written by my hand on the 7th of Eleuthral, in the year 1020.