The cheating never ceases...

Following from Tyrion's marching of men whilst a ghost and then declaring

to Orielle afterwards that a few disfavours won't bother him at all, and that

he would try to pacify the deities by claiming he was using his ghosting ability

to the full. I engaged in a challenge with Saphir of the Prophets.

This was a typical mutual challenge, admirably he gets 30 rubs fighting toe-to-toe,

then the going gets tough. so its time for the retract challenge sprint to store tactic

that is his trademark. In this safe stronghold he moves his puppet to the right locations,

pops up for a second to rub once more and pops back down again.

Tyrion's cheating cost thakria a load of rations, and many man hours of time for everyone

involved. The cost I think should definately be given back to Thakria from Sprindale stores.

Thakria has not cheated by marching armies as a ghost. Arthor could have done so when beset

by 8 enemies. what would the realm had said to that?

I dare not speak for the gods, but a fleeting punishment is not befitting this blatant abuse

especially when Tyrion was warned by practically everybody online.


Written by my hand on the 30th of Midwinter, in the year 1020.