I disagree.

Lord Arikarr, The Adversaryto Kal Zakath

Some words from 'Help Pacifism'...

'It [pacifism] will restrict your actions insofar as you will find it more difficult to interfere actively with combat between non-pacifists. Conversely, though, non-pacifists will find it almost impossibly difficult to harm you while pacifist...'

The keyword there is 'Almost', and as we have been told before by the Gods, there are ways and means around

both DP and PW status, and there are no perfect defences. Given Orielles long experience in Avalon, I am

going to assume that she knows this as well as we do, and thus is prepared to die when she decides to enter

your rituals to rescue someone. Other pacifists run away from damage because they don't want to get hurt

or they don't want to be involved in fighting, which are two good reasons for being a pacifist.

Given the actions you have attributed to little-miss-can't-be-wrong, I can only assume that she does

want to be involved in fights, but in a limited manner, and that she enjoys being hurt. Still,

whatever turns you on, eh?

Written by my hand on the 4th of Midwinter, in the year 1020.