Lord Arikarr, The Adversaryto Everyone

Idling can only be determined by observation effectively, its almost

impossible to write a routine to check for it, comparing input to

time to determine whether someone is really there. I am in favour of

prevention rather than cure, and we all seem to be focused on nasty

things to do to idlers, so why not have very harsh, god-enforced

regulation? For instance, If I find someone idling, they are going

to get vamped, stripped and shipped. If they are PW or DP or in

a 'safe' location then I can't do that, so I woul like to see a

deity remove that protection, or even ditch the offending player

for their affrontary. Harsh? Yes. But is certainly going to

discourage AFK'ers, no?

A good deterrant is worth a thousand punishments, surely?

As far as skill imbalances are concerned, I have NEVER used

sleeplearn in my five years in Avalon, and I don't think I've

done too badly, even against those who sleeplearn their way to

All ults (something I am not, by the way).

Thought for the day - If you're coming to Avalon just to get

lessons for skills so you can kill people better, you're missing

out on the game.....

Written by my hand on the 8th of Agamnion, in the year 1019.