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intersting how many people dislike the idea that other can logon and sit idle gaining lesson

credits, well I do, and the reason is simple, I PAY to play Avalon, I also pay for my phone bills

that its now possilble in the UK to have unmetered access via assorted ISP's/Telcos

isnt of any import, there have always been people disadvanteged by phone costs

many, if not all in the UK were until recently, while those at Uni or in the USA had unmeterd

or free access. I saw no reason to complain that they were more fortunate

than I or ask that they be limited in access because I wasnt as fortunate.

Perhaps people need to realise that there are other limitations as well

for example use of a computer by family members, several people may play but

have only on computer. Sure with Windows or Unix one can multi-task

but not multi-play unless dual monitors and keyboards etc are fitted. And not

everyone can so do. So if one player logs on and allows another on a

totally seperatedly paid for account ot also logon and 'idle' so be it

as far as I'm concerned.

As someone else has pointed out, its not only gaining skill levels that

matters, its also being able to use those skills. And since Exp is so easy

to gain, what inevitably happens is people with pretty high levels & exp

find themselves with very low skill levels, and subject to 'harvesting'

by those at lower level of rank but very much higher skill levels.

so what does it matter if I or anyone else 'idles' about the game?

All it does in the end is give us the ability to push our skills to a level

comparable with the exp levels we may hold.

and it gives us no sudden superiority in a fight, just a minimal chance

of being able to fight back.

When I do peers, almost inevitably I see either myself or maybe one other.

and thats often a player whos been playing a matter of months, not years:-)

So I see no reason why I shouldnt use whatever time and charges I've paid

for, to maximum advantage to me.

Were there differning rates of fee payable in different countries, then

maybe there would be reason to complain of 'unfair' advantage.

but there is no such difference.

I dont see any reason to bring back sleeplearning. but no doubt others

who cannot afford to pay what amount to extortionate

phone charges would rather sleeplearning were available.

Written by my hand on the 27th of Leaflost, in the year 1019.