Sleeplearning and idling.

Loremaster Yairito Everyone

Frankly, I would suggest leaving the system in place just as it is.

Those who advance too rapidily in skill development (from either idling OR

sleeplearning) without properly mastering their ealier skills end up with

peers who are far more compentent that they are. Hence, they end up as

dead meat.

I think the solution is to focus on the idlers themselves. While I realize

it is impossible (and inappropriate) for the Gods to constantly police

for idlers, perhaps there is some way we mortals can police ourselves a

bit better. Attacking and killing an idler is, of course, the first step

but such an act is not possible if the idler is in a safe location, is

DP, or is PW. The second step is to report any suspected idler to any God

online at the time, but there is not always a God available and this approach

would still assume that the Gods need trouble themselves with mortal issues.

How about making time spend in the Pool of Life ineligible for lesson

credits? How about a mini \"ritual\" whereby any 3 players could combine to

send an idler directly to the pool (without death or loss of XP) thereby

terminating his accumulation of lessons? Such a ritual would, of course

be subject to abuse, but anyone using this power inappropriatly could be

subject to severe punishment. Just a thought.

Written by my hand on the 24th of Leaflost, in the year 1019.