Artisan Allanon walking with zimmer frameto Everyone

Idling is a problem its obvious it is happening all the time.

Of course Lord Apollo did not invite all comments and suggestions to be posted to the

public board but as a player with all ults who isnt directly faced with the problem

of skill progression I thought i would pose one or two questions.

If either idling or sleeplearning is going to happen (whether people pay for the call

charges is really cancelled out by either method) perhaps there should be

a limit per week/month to how many lesson can actually accrue.

Alternatively limit the taking of darsurion to make the actualy process of learning gained lessons

much slower.

A third option is perhaps forcing the development of guild skills to be slower when

compared to general skills.

The other point that really needs to be reaslised is that having the skills is one thing

experimenting and learning the effective use of those skills is a totally different matter.

Perhaps some brief responses to these points may give us all food for thought


Written by my hand on the 19th of Leaflost, in the year 1019.