Thakrian Policy?.

Who are you to state the policy of my Guild and the policy of my City?

I am the guildmaster of the Seers of Thakria and it is my word and my word alone that decides the admissions policy of my guild. It will retain with me until such time as I am replaced by another seer, then it will be his or her word.

You would perhaps know this if at some point in your miserable existience you actually came out of the pool or your seemingly inpregnable guild.

(Ah sorry you do when theres a 7 to 2 advantage.)

The Seers are proud to be a thakrian Guild, but the Thakrian government does not dictate the admissions policy to any Thakrian guild. The fact is however that most guilds in Thakria look for certain qualities.

And even now there are only a few non thakrians with those qualities and most of them live in Parrius.

Regards, Lord Cimares, Guildmaster of the Seers.

Written by my hand on the 12th of Ilmarael, in the year 1019.